HR managers must challenge employees

by 13 Feb 2012

A new online survey has revealed that the number one reason employees leave their jobs is because they do not feel challenged or motivated at work.

More than 1,400 Australian employees participated in the survey by Macro Recruitment, and the results revealed that HR may be misfiring in offering incentives and skills training; more pressing employee concerns were related to  non-challenging work environments and employer flexibility.

Employers should really promote any company  ‘wins’ and project challenges for future growth ahead of offering incentives and training because employees who are attracted to these values will also be more productive and better assets to the business, Macro Recruitment managing director Daryl Keeley said.

“The celebration of wins and the immediate engagement of a new challenging and visible project have long been promoted by successful business owners as key to maintaining momentum with motivated staff,” he added. The survey canvassed the reasons why current job seekers had left their previous job, and the key findings included:

  • 17% said they left their previous role lacked challenges
  • 14% left due to poor company visibility and business communication
  • 9% cited poor work-life balance and job location
  • Just 3% said skills training was a factor

Keeley added that understanding the reasons staff decide to change employment is vital for business survival. Related story: Road to self-discovery: Exit interviews

-Jessica Cooper


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