HR manager embezzled $600k

by 01 Mar 2012

A British former HR manager for a Dubai-based company has been charged and faces serious jail time in the UAE after allegedly embezzling the equivalent of $631,000 while in his post, a court heard this week.

The HR manager allegedly misappropriated the money by claiming it was commissions owed to a recruitment agency in the UK for its services of hiring 13 people for the complainant’s firm. However the recruitment company later turned out to be owned by the defendant. Other money included in the total figure was claimed to be owed to a (non-existent) employee he had hired for the firm’s Moscow branch. Indeed the fictitious employee’s dues were wired to a bank account belonging to the defendant in Cyprus.

After suspicions were aroused, the company’s director employed a private investigator to look into the defendant’s work history and the recently hired employees, who were unreachable by phone and e-mail.  It was uncovered that all of the HR manager’s qualifications had been forged, along with an American passport, and that deals with alleged recruitment agencies were all fake.

Meanwhile, it has been suggested this firm may have benefitted from some more comprehensive pre-employment screening processes.


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