HR in the driver’s seat of organisational bottom line

by 20 Dec 2011

HR plays an integral role in company performance, and newly released data has identified six key areas which constitute the core areas of demonstrable HR proficiency.

"We can empirically show that when HR professionals demonstrate these six competencies, they are seen as personally effective and they impact business performance,” the study director said.

Canvassing data garnered from over 20,000 respondents, the 2012 Human Resource Competency Study revealed the following key strategic attributes behind success:

1. Strategic positioners who understand evolving business contexts, stakeholder expectations and business requirements, and be able to translate them into talent, culture and leadership actions.

2. Credible activists who build relationships of trust and have a clear point of view about how to build business performance.

3. Capability builders who define, audit and create organisation capabilities required for sustainable organisational success.

4. Change champions who initiate and sustain change at the individual, initiative and institutional levels.

5. HR innovators and integrators who look for new ways to do HR practices and integrate those separate practices to deliver business solutions.

6. Technology proponents who use technology for efficiency to connect employees and to leverage new communication channels, such as social media.

The study was conducted by researchers from the RBL Group and the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, Wayne Brockbank and Jon Younger.

According to Younger, HR professionals must work together to best drive business results.

"The strategy, organisation and actions of an HR department explain about three-to-four times the performance of the business than the competencies of individual HR professionals," he said.


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