Harness, don’t quash enthusiasm

by 01 Nov 2011

So called ‘over-enthusiasm’ should not be seen as a problem that requires managing, but as a source of business potential, according to HR consultant Martin Nally.

Founder and managing director of HRanywhere - a HR services company, Nally said communication and listing 12-month objectives was the key to harnessing the potential of enthusiastic employees.

Writing in startupsmart, Nally said communicating with employees so they see where they’re making a difference is highly important, and doing so will focus areas where deliverable changes can be made.

Nally identified the key tips for making the most out of the not-so-silent achievers as:

  • Stress the areas where employees can make the biggest strategic impact on the overall business plan (areas where there is genuine scope to deliver a marked change)
  • Ensure the employee identifies their own objectives, but reasonable changes which are mutually agreed upon can be made
  • Communication is the key, and it is essential to communicate that unbridles enthusiasm can be disruptive and even confusing for clients and colleagues alike
  • It’s important to set rewards and incentives to allow for recognition of positive contributions.


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