Gold medal results? Recruit an athlete

by 28 Nov 2011

A new program aimed at assisting elite athletes and Olympians to successfully transition from their sporting careers into successful professionals has been launched by the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC).

In partnership with Adecco Group the campaign will target the AOC’s long held concern that athletes who finish competing suddenly find themselves ‘out of a job’ and have no career or prospects to pursue.

The initiative has been designed to stop the problem in its tracks by producing ‘well rounded’ athletes from the get go, namely by training them throughout their sporting careers in workplace skills as well.

AOC President John Coates AC, encouraged employers to get involved in the new program, and said “Olympic athletes are high achievers who can bring wonderful qualities to the workplace.”

Coates added that from an employer’s perspective, the well documented qualities and capabilities of Olympic athletes, such as team spirit, strong commitment and dedication, high energy, motivation and focus, can easily be adapted for the workplace because they embody the very attributes that most employers seek.

Jeff Doyle, Adecco CEO Australia and New Zealand, said “The unique backgrounds and capabilities of Olympic athletes can bring a positive edge to an organisation. Athletes who excel in their chosen sport need qualities similar to those that support success in business.”

World champion and Olympian aerial skier Alisa Camplin said at the campaign launch, “Athletes really understand the level of commitment required to succeed and the attention to detail that secures a win - in both sport and business.”

Also speaking at the launch was the first athlete to be placed under the new program, national mountain bike cross country and short track champion Katherine O'Shea, who joined the Adecco Group as a business analyst.

“Katherine has all the qualities we were looking for. She is technically sound, has great experience, and is determined to succeed.  We are delighted that she is part of the Adecco team,” Doyle commented.

Olympic athletes eligible for the new program will be an individual who:

  • Has been selected for the 2012 Olympic Team
  • Is in contention for selection to the 2012 Olympic Team (known as ‘Olympic Shadow Team’)
  • Was a member of the 2010 Olympic Winter Team, or
  • Was a member of the 2008 Olympic Team

 Employers seeking additional information on the program can email athletes@adecco or call 1300 ADECCO.


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