Free up more time for best practice

by 31 Oct 2011

According to best-practice consultants, the difference between good and bad HR management is often a matter of time – and new ‘smart’ HR tools are here to help.


Scott Graham, director of Greentree Partner Kinetic Information Systems, said that as an organisation grows, managing staff becomes much harder and it’s imperative to have proper systems in place to ensure everyone has a comfortable workload.

While most would agree the pillars of good HR management are recruiting the right people, fostering teamwork, encouraging initiative and rewarding success – time constraints have put limits on upholding each and every HR goal.

“One of the biggest problems with maintaining HR data is that you’re reliant on both management and staff themselves keeping their records up to date,” Graham said.

Graham said all companies need to prioritise instituting efficient and intelligent data management tools. By doing so, management have more time to deal directly with staff because the data is always up to date, and the system can issue alerts if it’s not.

Indeed new generation HR management tools have the capacity to manage a comprehensive range of information for each employee, including contact details, next of kin, leave balances, medical history, staff development, payroll, allocated roles, curriculum vitae, plus all events that are relevant to an employee.

Smart HR tools allow employees to update their own personal information and also allow HR to define job functions and allocate different functions to employees as they take on new roles and responsibilities. 

“You can go in and build your own lists of valid things that are pertinent to your organisation, so it doesn’t make any assumptions about your business,” Graham said.

Additionally, smart HR tools can ensure that training and certification are kept up to date, that safety requirements are observed, with many able to schedule random mandatory drug and alcohol tests for relevant industries.

“However, the greatest benefit to a business of good HRM is stability – ensuring that staff are happy in their work and not constantly checking the job sites,” Graham said.


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