Employment expectations remain positive in spite of volatility

by 18 Jan 2012

Despite international market volatility, Australian organisations intend to increase permanent headcount over the course of the next three months, according to new data released today.

The latest employment expectations report from recruitment firm Hudson, which canvassed the views of more than 4,000 employers from around Australia in late December 2011, revealed that 35.9% of businesses intend to increase the level of permanent staff. A further 54% intend to maintain headcount at the current level, while just 10% intend to decrease permanent staff.

Mark Leigh, CFO, Hudson Asia Pacific said “Despite the current international uncertainty, and changing conditions at home, employment expectations in Australia on the whole remain positive, particularly in the resources, transport and construction and engineering sectors.”

Leigh said certain roles are in particularly high demand, and reflect the skills shortage in engineering, geology, health, safety, environment (HSE) and operational roles, as well as for customer facing IT specialists.

Employers are being warned that in the current economic climate, the cost of poor recruitment can be crippling and HR must heighten the assessment and checking process for all candidates.

% employers intending to increase permanent headcount over Jan-Mar 2012:


Western Australia 49.90%
Queensland 43.50%
New South Wales 23.50%
ACT 27.80%
South Australia 20.50%
Victoria 17.80%

% employers intending to increase permanent headcount over Jan-Mar 2012 by sector:


Resources sector 57.70%
Professional services 44.70%
Construction/property & Engineering  38.70%
IT 48.10%


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