Do employees tell you what they really think? You’re about to find out

by HCA15 May 2012

A new website has hit the net vowing to serve as a forum for job-haters and job-lovers alike, providing past and present employees the opportunity to voice anonymous opinions and ratings, based on real life experiences with their employer.

The site publishes user-reviews of Australian companies from an employee’s perspective, and reviewers are free to discuss everything from workplace culture to the coffee machine in the kitchen.

The site creators insist that it’s not only useful for disgruntled employees, but also for those who love their job and want to share their experiences. “WorkplaceFit allows employees to rate the company on their benefits and culture. It gives employees the chance to talk about their job security, their thoughts on their management and other important issues such as start and finish time and length of lunch breaks,” the site creators said.

While it’s early days, the site has the potential to be a one-stop shop for future employees sussing out the culture and employee benefits at a workplace before they apply for a job. Equally though, the site could also be a useful tool for HR to monitor what is being done well, and hone in on exactly what needs to be rectified – it could be the up-and-coming best source of gathering what employees really think, uninhibited by any agenda. So watch this space.


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  • by Erica Collins 15/05/2012 2:04:36 PM

    Technology is providing another great incentive for employers to be accountable for their culture and ensure their culture really is as they say during the recruitment process. One site I use to assess an organisation's online reputation is This gives prospective employees an inside look at jobs and companies. In the future companies will not be able to get away with a big discrepancy between their branding (what they say about themselves) and what employees/customers say about them. That's where organisations like Driving Force can help.

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