Dealing with employee performance, redundancy and bad fits

by Human Capital02 Aug 2012

When terminating an employee’s employment, HR must act carefully and ensure the organisation’s obligations are understood. There are various legal hazards associated with terminating the employment relationship that can lead organisations into risky territory if they are not careful.

Joydeep Hor of People + Culture Strategies will be speaking on this topic at the Employment Law for HR Professionals masterclass, being held in Sydney and Brisbane in the next two weeks. Hor will provide a road map for best practices on issues ranging from issuing genuine redundancies to addressing unfair dismissal claims and dealing with bad fits.

Bringing together some of Australia’s leading workplace relations lawyers, Employment Law for HR Professionals will focus on real examples and practical tips to help you understand your legal rights and obligations as an employer and safeguard your organisation from financial and reputational risk.

The Employment Law for HR Professionals masterclass will run in Sydney and Brisbane on 9 August and 16 August respectively. A limited number of places are still available - for more information and to register click here.


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