Corporate Australia missing the CSR mark

by HCA01 Dec 2011

Despite the growing investment in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) endeavours by organisations, a new report has revealed that many are failing to engage their staff.

According to new research by engineering firm MWH, corporate Australia is short changing itself by not getting the most out of its CSR endeavours.

MWH managing director Australia, Peter Williams, said that beyond the imperative of good corporate citizenship, CSR is a strategic investment and must be leveraged for staff engagement.

Additionally, it was found that the majority of Australians (74%) have a more positive perception of organisations that engage in CSR initiatives.

“Corporate responsibility is incredibly important but if you’re going to do it, make sure your constituents are onboard, involved and informed,” Williams said.

MWH found that the highest-rated investments were within the human rights and environmental categories with the abolition of child and forced labour highest (41%), followed by protection of endangered species (40%) and the protection and restoration of natural habitats (39%).

 “Organisastions can put processes in place to capture what their constituency feels they should focus on, and what activities they should be investing in,” Williams commented.

The research also found that only one in five (17%) employees know about their company’s CSR policy, one in three (33%) said their organisation does not have a CSR policy and more than half (51%) are unsure as to whether or not their employer has a CSR policy.



  • by Kym McInerney 1/12/2011 4:14:06 PM

    CSR is perhaps the one key differentiating point between brands from both the consumer and staff attraction/retention points of view. CSR strategies and initatives that engage stakeholders and staff can only benefit but unfortunately, many businesses see this as a cost rather than an opportunity. Here's to a broader adjustment of thinking away from one dimensional bottom line accounting to triple bottom line accountability!
    Kym is CEO of Quantumpeople, a Melbourne-based recruitment and HROD practice with a passion for CSR.

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