Business Clean Up Day a team exercise with a difference

by 16 Jan 2012

If you’ve been in search of a different kind of team bonding exercise with a long list of benefits to boot, the official 2012 Business Clean Up Day may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Registrations for the official event are now open, and organisers say the 2011 day saw the removal of over 16,500 tonnes of rubbish across Australia, and a commitment from some 337 businesses to be more environmentally responsible after considering the waste generated by a single business.

“We’re urging all Australian businesses to introduce more environmentally friendly policies in their own work environment,” Clean Up Australia chairman and founder Ian Kiernan said.

Kiernan added that businesses can clean up anywhere from their own workplace, to a local park, waterways, or a beach. “It’s a great team-building experience to work together and see the positive results that Business Clean Up Day can achieve.”

A recent RedBalloon for Corporate survey found that while team-building events often suffer from lacklustre enthusiasm and negative stereotypes, some 82% of respondents agreed they would be eager to participate in “different activities”.

When asked to provide insights into the problems with traditional team- building exercises, survey participants cited ‘no clear purpose or intent behind the event’, ‘not during work hours’ and ‘managers not participating’ as top gripes.

For more information and details on how to register for the 2012 Business Clean Up Day, click here.


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