Australian leadership tips to be published in exclusive journal

by 27 Oct 2011

For the first time an article written by two leading Australian management experts will be published in the prestigious Harvard Business Review later this year.

Macquarie Graduate School of Management’s Professor Richard Badham and DBA graduate Dr Peter Fuda will be published in the esteemed journal, with their co-authored article on leadership transformation to be published in the November edition.

The article, Fire, Snowball, Mask, Movie: How Leaders Spark And Sustain Change is a result of an in-depth study conducted by Dr Fuda and supervised by Professor Badham into the success stories of seven Australian CEOs and how they transformed themselves, their leadership team and their organisations.

The article communicated their stories which were gathered through a series of lengthy interviews and rigorous linguistic analysis, which uncovered the key similarities in the challenges faced and the strategies used by the seven CEOs.

These seven themes were then allocated metaphors; four are covered in the Harvard Business Review article, including Fire (ambition), Snowball (accountability), Mask (authenticity) and Movie (self-reflection). The other three metaphors are Russian Dolls, Chef and Coach.

Dr Peter Fuda is the Founder and Principal of The Alignment Partnership (TAP), a management consulting firm. Over the past decade, and over the last 10 years has coached more than 200 CEOs on how to measurably increase their effectiveness and performance.

Professor Richard Badham, who has authored over 100 articles and books on innovation, leadership and cultural change said: “Our research work on storytelling and metaphor in leadership development was used to help extract key themes in how leaders achieve personal and organisational transformation.  It was also used to help present the findings to practitioner as well as academic audiences.”

The Harvard Business Review article will be accompanied by short videos canvassing the full extent of the research, and will be supplemented by a Harvard Business blog and forthcoming documentary based on the CEOs and their experiences. These videos and more information about the research can be found here.


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