Attract and retain Aussie workers before they go walkabout

by 29 Feb 2012

Almost half of Australian workers would consider relocating overseas to pursue a larger and more attractive salary, making it vital for employers to capture jobseekers attention before valuable talent heads offshore.

According to recruitment and HR services firm Randstad, the January to March period is a time of year when many employees reflect on their professional life, and is seen as the ideal time to explore potential career opportunities.

Nearly a third of Aussie employees are tempted by career opportunities abroad, despite these opportunities offering equal or lower pay, and the aggregate effect on the domestic  labour market can be negative.

Fred Van der Tang of Randstad warned that the current “significant skills shortage in many crucial industries” means employers must drive high rates of retention and attract new talent to leadership opportunities.

While he conceded that remuneration remains the most attractive aspect of a career, he maintained that employers can capture jobseekers’ attention by offering work/life balance, flexible working hours, ongoing training programs and opportunities to progress.


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