Asians willing to fill the gap in Australia

by Human Capital04 Oct 2012

Asians willing to fill the gap in AustraliaWorkers from Asian countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines want to visit Australia on working visas and are more than willing to do the “menial and dirty work” that Aussies shun, Tourism and Transport Forum chief executive John Lee has said.

While 25,000 UK citizens are allowed to enter Australia on working holiday visas each year, only 100 Indonesians and 100 Malaysians are allowed to come in, according to a report by The Daily Telegraph.

"We have 200,000 people who want to come here for working holidays," Lee was quoted. "Even though it's the Asian Century, we can't seem to do deals in terms of reciprocal arrangements. We can't bring people from Vietnam, Malaysia or the Philippines."

He blames a “Hansonite view of the world”, citing Pauline Hanson’s approach to immigration and foreign policy, which makes it difficult for Asians to receive working holiday visas into Australia.

Australia's tourism industry has a 9% vacancy rate, equivalent to 35,800 jobs across the country.

The shortage is forecast to increase to 56,000 workers by 2015 with kitchen hands, waiters, restaurant managers and chefs in demand. About 46% of vacancies are for skilled workers and the remaining 54% unskilled workers.


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