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  • Injured staff require TLC by

    EMPLOYERS MUST provide support for workers soon after being injured and avoid an adversarial approach, according to new research findings presented at the recent Safety Conference in Sydney.

  • Incompetence on the rise by

    THERE HAS been a rise in incompetence within the workforce of late, largely due to the placement of managers and workers in the wrong positions, according to The Conference Board

  • Companies need to flick on talent switch by

    AUSTRALIAN ORGANISATIONS are becoming increasingly aware of talent shortages, and as a result, are becoming much more advanced in their tactics and processes for attracting and retaining talent

  • AHRI goes back to members by

    AHRI NATIONAL president and interim CEO, Peter Wilson, recently signed documents buying the Institute back on behalf of its 11,000 members

  • Australian HR behind global eight ball by

    AUSTRALIAN COMPANIES are generally less aware of the value HR can add and slower to move on workforce issues than their European and US counterparts

  • AHRI plots future course by

    Craig Donaldson spoke with AHRI national president Peter Wilson about the recent membership buyback and future plans for the Institute

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