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  • Australian business: HR not important by

    LESS THAN one in five Australian companies rate HR as an important business function while only one-third have developed HR and training programs that specifically support organisational objectives

  • Defining role for talent management by

    EMPLOYERS SHOULD link their talent management strategy to the needs of the business and define what talent management means to their organisation in order to have a positive impact on the bottom line

  • Bosses the big bullies by

    SEVENTY-THREE per cent of Australian’s have said their bosses are the main culprits when it comes to bullying.

  • Workplace fraud costly by

    DESPITE AN increased awareness among employers of risks associated with workplace fraud, a lack of action has left most exposed to significant economic loss from fraud, according to a national law firm

  • Companies move high-end functions offshore to access talent by

    COMPANIES ARE increasingly moving sophisticated, mission-critical functions such as product design, and research and development to China, India and other offshore locations, primarily because these countries can provide highly skilled scientific and engineering workers who are in short supply in the US and Europe

  • Fears surrounding AWA changes by

    AS EMPLOYERS and HR professionals come to grips with WorkChoices, fears of skill shortages are preventing widespread changes to workplace agreements

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