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  • Work-life balance causes relationship/job dissatisfaction by

    EIGHTY-EIGHT per cent of Australians in relationships or with families claimed their personal relations were in turmoil due to difficulties in maintaining work-life balance

  • Culture key in anti-corruption by

    THE COMMITMENT of senior corporate management leadership and personal convictions are the most important drivers in company decisions to strengthen anti-corruption programs, according to a US report

  • Unions’ protest to little avail by

    DESPITE MUCH union hype that the November 30 national day of action against the Federal Government’s industrial relations laws was a major success, it is estimated that less than 100,000 people attended the trade union rallies nationwide

  • HR’s role in happiness at work by

    GIVEN A growing amount of evidence demonstrating that happiness is linked to bottom-line performance as well as the current competitive conditions and skill shortage challenges, HR professionals need to take a creative approach in seeking ways to motivate and build a happy workforce, according to an international HR consultancy

  • Britain at work: a marriage breakdown in progress? by

    RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN employers and employees in many British workplaces resemble a marriage under stress, characterised by poor communications and low levels of trust. This leads to underperformance, low productivity and high levels of staff turnover

  • Commonwealth Bank shuns AWA allegations by

    THE COMMONWEALTH Bank has strongly refuted against apparent misleading allegations made by the ACTU and Labor Party Member, Stephen Smith that they are coercing staff into signing Australian Workplace Agreements.

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