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  • HR jobs set to boom by

    JOB GROWTH in the HR market remains positive for 2007 with a high demand for certain specialist skills being reported in a recent forecast.

  • HR to prove intangible value by

    HR PROFESSIONALS must take the initiative and seize control of human capital reporting if they are to prove the return on their organisation’s intangibles, a study of human capital reporting in the US has found.

  • US management efforts on the decline by

    ONLY 49 percent of US employees said they have trust and confidence in the job their senior managers are doing, down from 51 per cent in 2004

  • Top leadership traits identified by

    JOB SHADOWING for senior managers, outdoor activity-based programs and paper-based self-study leadership modules are the least beneficial activities for developing leaders, recent research has found

  • Alcohol absence on the rise by

    CONCERNS that alcohol and drug usage is a significant and growing challenge for managers have been heightened due to reported increases in alcohol-related absenteeism within the workplace.

  • Meet the 21st Century HR chief by

    THE ROLE of senior HR leaders in national and global companies is changing as HR and talent issues command a prominent role in today’s headlines – workforce demographics and global talent trends, corporate scandals and intensifying regulatory challenges, technology innovations that enable new ways of working, increasing globalisation as well as endless pressures to boost the profitability and performance of the workforce

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