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  • Cashing out leave to cost $29 billion by

    FEDERAL GOVERNMENT plans that will allow employees to cash out personal leave could cost up to $29 billion, or each employer an average of $22,795, according to new research

  • HR strikes fine executive pay balance by

    WITH EXECUTIVE remuneration remaining a hot issue for many companies, HR directors need to exercise caution in acting independently on behalf of remuneration committees when setting salaries for senior executives, according to a Sydney lawyer

  • Line managers critical to compensation success by

    YEARS OF research has focused on designing successful reward programs that keep employees productive and engaged, yet one critical audience – the line manager – has often been overlooked

  • Senior engagement key to employer branding by

    SHRINKING TALENT pools, increased mobility of workers, an ageing workforce and a desire on the part of younger generations to work for companies that are honest in their dealings with employees are driving an increase in employer branding

  • HR key to diversity by

    WITH WORKFORCE diversity continuing to be an issue for organisations, HR professionals need to develop structures and practices that systematically and diligently take bias out of their HR systems, according to an Australian academic

  • Australian business: HR not important by

    LESS THAN one in five Australian companies rate HR as an important business function while only one-third have developed HR and training programs that specifically support organisational objectives

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