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  • Culture shock derails mergers by

    MORE THAN 90 per cent of corporate mergers and acquisitions are falling short of their objectives, as companies struggle to combine corporate cultures and structures, according to recent research

  • Rise of the HR entrepreneur by

    AS BUSINESS becomes increasingly competitive, the marketplace is calling out a new brand of HR which requires a new and more entrepreneurial approach to service delivery, according to a new report

  • HR to get talent savvy by

    HR PROFESSIONALS need to keep up to date with talent management technology in order to effectively combat the current war for talent, an expert has warned

  • HR professionals undersold by

    DESPITE BEING responsible for hiring the best talent into companies, many HR professionals struggle when it comes to selling themselves for new positions and usually undersell themselves, according to a career management expert

  • Companies build talent rather than buy by

    AUSTRALIAN EMPLOYERS are increasingly focusing on building talent rather than buying it, with salary increases for those remaining in the same role outpacing overall salary movements, according to recent research

  • Single parents find benefits of work by

    MORE THAN 75 per cent of single parents who return to work feel more independent and more confident. A survey of more than 1,000 such parents found that 57 per cent said work made them feel more satisfied with life

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