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  • Asia-Pacific companies face talent risk by

    UP TO one half of all talented employees across Asia Pacific can be considered ‘at risk’ of leaving companies, according to recent research

  • CEOs concerned about workplace wellness by

    AS WORK becomes more sedentary, the global workforce is becoming fatter, sicker and less productive due to chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, according to a recent report

  • WorkChoices irrelevant in war for talent by

    WORKCHOICES LEGISLATION is irrelevant in the face of growing skills shortages and companies should instead focus on retaining and maximising the inherent competencies of Australian talent

  • Middle managers disillusioned by

    AUSTRALIAN BUSINESSES must better recognise the factors driving dissatisfaction amongst middle managers, otherwise low levels of engagement among such managers could affect performance and achievement of strategic goals

  • Qualifying periods of employment begin again after transmission of business by HCA

    The AIRC has recently held that the 6 month qualifying period of employment, set by the Workplace Relations Act, commences again upon transfer of employment as a result of transmission of business, unless there is an express agreement to the contrary. Employees within a qualifying period are unable to prosecute unfair dismissal claims under the Act

  • ITC skills reach all time high by

    A NINETEEN per cent increase in demand for ITC labour skills in the Australian market have been recorded increase since the start of the financial year

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