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  • Soft skills needed with business savvy by

    THE IMPORTANCE of soft skills in finding quality people who are business as well as tech-savvy has been identified as one of the top issues faced by employers for 2007.

  • Retirement programs on US agenda by

    35 PER CENT of US companies have said they will assess the design of their retirement programs this year

  • Qantas jobs and safety under scrutiny by

    WHILE THERE have been concerns about the job security of Qantas staff as a result of the proposed takeover by Airline Partners Australia (APA), claims that Qantas engineers have been pressured to take shortcuts on safety have also arisen

  • Growth in worker complaints by

    EMPLOYERS HAVE been reminded of the need to strive for discrimination and harassment-free workplaces following reports of an increase in employment related complaints in the post-WorkChoices industrial landscape

  • KPMG lures law students by

    IN AN effort to stave off the inevitable talent shortage, KPMG is now looking to recruit law and other non-accounting graduates into an expanding number of its practices

  • HR jobs set to boom by

    JOB GROWTH in the HR market remains positive for 2007 with a high demand for certain specialist skills being reported in a recent forecast.

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