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  • CEOs force change on HR by

    AS C-level executives are forced to justify business value and deliver greater efficiencies and effectiveness, there is a trend for chief executives to oust HR directors who are unable to deliver on ever-increasing business expectations and replace them with more commercially savvy COOs, according to a global human capital consultancy

  • Depressed professionals turn to drugs and alcohol by

    Lawyers are more likely to suffer depression and use drugs and alcohol to manage depressive symptoms, than their professional peers, according to a new study

  • Shedding light on private equity by

    WITH PRIVATE equity buyouts on the rise in Australia, recent UK research has found that private equity firms tend to introduce strict new performance management systems such as performance and merit pay, regular performance appraisal and new HR management systems upon buying companies out

  • M&As threaten culture by

    COMPANY CULTURE is most under threat during mergers and acquisitions, according to Ramsay Health Care’s managing director, Patrick Grier

  • Balancing HR’s relevance by

    IN ORDER to better engage with CEOs and be seen as trusted advisors, HR directors need to speak the language of chief executives while focusing on leadership practices, according to Ross Fowler, vice president of Cisco Systems

  • HR’s workplace disconnect by

    MOST WORKPLACES are not designed to provide an organisational advantage because of a disconnect between HR managers and those responsible for property within an organisation

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