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  • Innovation required in EOC by

    EMPLOYERS MUST do more than simply claim to be an employer of choice (EOC) if they are to attract and retain quality staff in today’s skills short market, recent research has revealed.

  • WorkChoices a threat to safety? by

    IN CONSIDERING emerging threats to workplace safety, WorkChoices has been claimed one of the biggest threats to the health and safety of Australian workers by the Safety Institute of Australia’s Victorian division.

  • SME sector proves optimistic by

    SEVENTY-SIX per cent of small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) in Australia believe that recruitment and retention are their biggest business challenges, compared to 62 per cent of SMEs globally

  • Leadership challenges on the horizon by

    DEVELOPING AND retaining leaders will be a significant challenge for organisations over the next 10 to 15 years, a report found

  • Female-friendly helps curb talent war by

    WORKPLACE FLEXIBILITY offerings for women are proving a vital aspect within organisations as employers attempt to counteract the effects of the looming skills shortage

  • Asia-Pacific companies face talent risk by

    UP TO one half of all talented employees across Asia Pacific can be considered ‘at risk’ of leaving companies, according to recent research

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