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  • HR’s social gatekeepers by

    SOME AUSTRALIAN employers are playing gatekeepers of social mobility – the ability for people to change their social position within society – and thus creating barriers for individuals entering the corporate arena, according to a national recruitment firm

  • Inside the minds of CEOs by

    TODAY’S CEOs shoulder a heavy burden, as they are expected to take on the roles of guide, interpreter and visionary in order to lead their companies to the promised land of business success

  • Want a difficult job done? Ask a woman by

    A LARGE number of business leaders will only appoint a woman into a very senior post in times of crisis and poor performance, and this leaves female leaders facing a form of hidden discrimination which leaves them more likely to fail than their male counterparts

  • Federal OHS scheme gains favour by

    THE FEDERAL government has enabled private companies to join the Commonwealth workers’ compensation scheme, Comcare in a bid to improve assistance to employees with work-related injuries

  • Business looks up for 2007 by

    SEVENTY-THREE per cent of business people predict that business activity will remain positive for the remainder of 2007

  • Caution on offshoring decisions by

    ORGANISATIONS SHOULD seriously consider the people management challenges and the potential pitfalls before they make the decision to offshore, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

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