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  • HR poor on influencing skills by

    WHILE HR managers are generally good at networking, engaging and collaborating with business peers, recent research has found that 67 per cent of HR professionals lack what it takes to influence outcomes in their organisations

  • Skills shortages bite for professional services by

    SKILLS SHORTAGES are hurting the professional services sector, according to a recent study, with more than half of professional services firms finding it difficult to source talented and experienced professionals

  • Organisations opt for internal controls by

    Seventy-five per cent of large global organisations plan to invest more in internal control after seeing significant business benefits

  • Skills shortage puts HR in demand by

    HR PROFESSIONALS with generalist, organisational development and change management skills are in increased demand as competition for staff intensifies across the country

  • IT struggles with L&D ROI by

    FEW ORGANISATIONS treat formal learning initiatives, generally delivered as training programs, like a business initiative worthy of evaluation of payback, according to a global IT consulting firm

  • Culture key to share price by

    ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE will become a key indicator in determining a company’s future share price, a leading fund management firm has predicted

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