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  • Balancing HR’s relevance by

    IN ORDER to better engage with CEOs and be seen as trusted advisors, HR directors need to speak the language of chief executives while focusing on leadership practices, according to Ross Fowler, vice president of Cisco Systems

  • HR’s workplace disconnect by

    MOST WORKPLACES are not designed to provide an organisational advantage because of a disconnect between HR managers and those responsible for property within an organisation

  • Capitalising on careers by

    IN FACING challenges of the future, career development is seen as a key mechanism in improving the quality of human capital and addressing skills shortages

  • Australia to world: positions vacant by

    AUSTRALIA IS one of the top five countries in the world having the most difficulty with skills shortages and filling vacant positions, a global survey has found

  • Phased retirement to become more popular by

    MORE COMPANIES will use phased retirement to retain valuable skills and knowledge while providing mature workers with an alternative to the all-or-nothing approach to retirement, according to a recent US report

  • HR’s social gatekeepers by

    SOME AUSTRALIAN employers are playing gatekeepers of social mobility – the ability for people to change their social position within society – and thus creating barriers for individuals entering the corporate arena, according to a national recruitment firm

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