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  • Presenteeism costly to business by

    ON AVERAGE, six working days a year are lost per employee as a result of presenteeism, at a direct cost to Australian employers of over $17 billion per annum, according to a recent study

  • Broadening HR’s horizons by

    THERE IS far more to being an HR professional and having an effective career than mere qualifications and attending courses, recent research has found

  • Step up search for talented people in digital age by

    AS MANY as 60 percent of IT organisations will under-perform as they fail to attract and retain the employees they will need to succeed in the digital age, according to a global IT consultancy

  • Culture key to innovation by

    STRENGTHS DEVELOPMENT can be a powerful factor in creating and sustaining a workplace culture that allows innovation to prosper and flourish – and employee engagement can intensify this effect, according to recent US research

  • Baby boomers challenge non-profits by

    NON-PROFIT organisations could be hard hit by talent shortages exacerbated by the large cohort of baby boomers soon entering the retirement years, but there will be opportunities as well, according to a recent report

  • Executive talent war intensifies by

    THE IMPACT of globalisation and the increasing mobility of senior executives internationally is having a profound effect on the Asia-Pacific market, the president of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) has warned

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