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  • Paid maternity leave gets a pre-election push by

    More than 200 people braved appalling weather conditions in Sydney earlier this month to show their support for a campaign aimed at reinvigorating the debate surrounding paid maternity leave prior to this year’s federal election.

  • Attitude over skills for IT by

    As demand for IT staff in Australia shows no signs of decreasing, HR professionals must challenge the existing preconceptions about what is essentially needed to get the job done, according to a recruitment expert

  • People risk focus rising by

    Human resources risks are increasingly some of the greatest threats facing Australian organisations, according to research

  • Risky laptop antics by

    ALMOST 10 per cent of Australian workers have admitted to using the company laptop to download porn

  • HR’s job: help line managers by

    ONE OF the main jobs of HR professionals is to help line managers execute their strategy, according to Dave Ulrich, professor of business at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business

  • Presenteeism costly to business by

    ON AVERAGE, six working days a year are lost per employee as a result of presenteeism, at a direct cost to Australian employers of over $17 billion per annum, according to a recent study

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