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  • Fairness test biased: ACTU by

    In assessing the fairness of Australian Workplace Agreements (AWA), the newly established Workplace Authority will only contact employers and does not intend to contact employees if there is doubt as to whether or not AWAs meet the criteria for the Federal Government’s new ‘fairness test’

  • Workforce planning stumps HR by

    WHILE MORE than 80 per cent of Australian companies struggle with competition for talent and over half acknowledge that the ageing population is a critical factor affecting their workforce, only 46 per cent of companies are doing workforce planning of any kind

  • HR struggles with business demands by

    SENIOR BUSINESS and HR executives agree on the key people issues that are critical to business success, but business leaders believe HR may be struggling to serve both the enormous strategic and operational implications, according to a global study

  • HR must break generation hoodoo by

    As labour supply continues to be dwarfed by demand, HR practitioners must gain a deeper insight into the demographics of their workforce, a human capital expert has warned

  • Are you feeling any older? Census 2006 by

    THIRTY-SEVEN IS now the median age of Australia’s population, up two years from 35 in 2001

  • NZ firms concerned over people risk by

    New Zealand companies see human capital as their biggest risk, according to research

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