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  • IT skills shortage ‘will last decades’ by

    As demand for IT professionals continues to outstrip supply, a technology expert has warned that Australia will be faced with the problem for the foreseeable future.

  • Banks lead offshoring boom by

    Banking institutions globally are continuing to embrace the offshoring boom, and are now reaping the rewards, research has found.

  • Global HR transformation underway by

    Half of organisations globally are in the process of transforming their HR function, new research has found

  • Brazil, Canada top HR destinations by

    Rio de Janeiro and Toronto are the cities where HR directors can earn the highest salary, yet enjoy the lowest cost of living, according to analysis of recent research

  • WorkChoices killing loyalty by

    WorkChoices is to blame for dwindling employee engagement and loyalty, according to an employee retention expert

  • Third party benefit for remuneration by

    Co-sourcing of remuneration has become an advised method of ensuring an efficient remuneration and benefits function, according to consultants

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