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  • American executives not happy at work by

    FORTY-EIGHT per cent of American executives are unhappy in their current job, according to a poll of 2,149 executives

  • Broader OHS trap for management by

    A LANDMARK case concerning occupational health and safety (OHS) legislation has broadened the net used to catch managers, including the possible application of criminal convictions, merely for being “concerned in the management” of a corporation

  • Taking on contract work by

    THIRTY-FIVE per cent of Australian workers said the main reason they seek contract roles is to broaden the scope of their current career through exposure to different industries

  • HR to get facts right by

    EMPLOYERS MUST prepare themselves for a myriad of questions and the possibility of increased scrutiny regarding their practices following the release of the Workplace Relations Fact Sheet, employment lawyers have warned

  • Bad manners are bad for business by

    RUDE AND undermining co-workers, managers or leaders can negatively impact employee engagement and productivity, recent research has revealed

  • New AWAs pay less by

    THE SHORTFALL of wages for typical workers on Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs) is much larger than previously realised, according to recent research

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