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  • Long-term talent view needed by

    IN AN ever-shrinking labour market, Australian employers are risking potential future growth if they don’t become smarter in how they spend their reward dollars, recent research has found

  • Crunching HR’s numbers is critical by

    IN THE face of a global credit crunch, the need for rigorous human capital analysis is becoming more evident as HR is increasingly placed at the forefront of a company’s financial value, research has found

  • Uncovering trigger points in difficult employees by

    THERE ARE six key issues that can trigger off problems in difficult employees, according to an expert in employee behaviour

  • HR the ultimate recruiters by

    HR SHOULD use the current war for talent to become dedicated recruiters as opposed to over-complicated theory and policy guardians, a recruitment expert has said

  • HR technology steps up by

    COMPANIES ARE finally reaping the benefits of IT investments in HR systems, and moving from core upgrades to streamlining for greater efficiency and effectiveness, a global study has found

  • Australian HR Awards 2007 winners recognised by

    ST.GEORGE BANK took out four awards at the recent Australian HR Awards 2007, including the much sought after Davidson Trahaire Corpsych Award for Employer of Choice (more than 1,000 employees)

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