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  • People issues a big risk by

    HUMAN CAPITAL risks, such as skills shortages, succession planning and the loss of key personnel are the biggest threats to businesses, while issues surrounding climate change are the most ineffectively managed, a KPMG report has found

  • HR professionals lack metrics skills by

    THERE IS a major global shortage of HR professionals with the analytical skills and capabilities required to assist their organisations with HR metrics, according to a global human capital consulting firm

  • Age-old issues for HR remain by

    WHILE THE ageing of the workforce is no longer news for most HR professionals, the challenges it presents are increasing as companies are either taking more of a reactive approach to the issue, putting it on the backburner altogether, or focusing exclusively on the recruitment of younger workers

  • Improving the recruitment game by

    AS A growing number of companies struggle with skills shortages, HR professionals need to work more closely with recruiters so they can sell opportunities more effectively and put forward more attractive value propositions to talented candidates, according to a visiting recruitment expert from the UK

  • American executives not happy at work by

    FORTY-EIGHT per cent of American executives are unhappy in their current job, according to a poll of 2,149 executives

  • Professional services staff jaded with pay by

    EMPLOYEES in professional, business and property services are less likely to believe that they are paid as well as people in other organisations than the national average and they’re less likely to understand how their pay is determined, according to recent research

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