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  • Attraction and retention key for US and Canada by

    FORTY-SIX per cent of employers are planning to spend more money on training

  • Workers highlight engagement gap by

    EMPLOYEES DO not believe their organisations or their senior management are doing enough to help them become fully engaged and contribute to their companies’ success, according to a new global workforce study

  • Managerial talent top people concern for CEOs by

    FINDING QUALIFIED managerial talent and top management succession planning have become the dominant people issues for CEOS, a global study has found

  • Putting positive psychology to work by

    WHETHER IT is a report about a failing business, falling share prices or rising interest rates the focus is often on the negative. However, employers can benefit by using positive psychology in the workplace through the art of storytelling, according to a UK expert

  • People No. 1 challenge for companies by

    PEOPLE ARE now the number one concern for private companies, ranking before growth and profitability, according to recent research

  • Keep it simple: Coates CEO by

    HR FUNCTIONS should dispense with jargon and simplify HR activities to remain relevant, according to the CEO of Coates Hire

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