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  • Tackling mining skills shortages by

    IN ORDER to address skills shortages plaguing the mining industry, companies must reduce their demand on skilled professionals through better use of technology and automation, and increase their supply of talent through a stronger focus on workforce planning and development, according to the Mining Industry Skills Centre

  • Sustainability reporting on the rise by

    COMPANIES SHOULD consider reporting on environmental and social factors and disclose health and safety policy and performance in their annual reports

  • Talent management in motion by

    OVER THE coming three years, organisations will continue to aggressively restructure, employees will need challenging work to excel at their jobs, and the competition for talent with global skills will become even more fierce, a recent study of senior HR professionals has found

  • Line managers key to good HR by

    THE ROLE of line managers is becoming increasingly important in influencing employee engagement in the workplace, according to a recent UK report

  • Winning the global war for talent by

    TO WIN the battle for talent, organisations must transform the management of their workforces from a supporting function to a competitive capability, according to the authors of a new book

  • Inadequate partnership between HR and sales by

    MORE THAN 70 per cent of HR executives believe they have a solid strategic partnership with sales, but only 45 per cent of sales executives share the same view, recent research has found

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