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  • Talent shortage hurts HR by

    EIGHTY-FIVE per cent of HR hiring managers agree the talent shortage has increased the time it takes to recruit new staff, with almost one-quarter saying they have experienced increases of more than six weeks, according to recent research

  • Candidates judge jobs on interviews by

    TWO-THIRDS of jobseekers say that the interviewer influences their decision to accept a position, according to a study of almost 6,000 staffing directors, hiring managers and jobseekers

  • Employees not happy to pay for work-life balance by

    EMPLOYEES WANT a better work-life balance but do not believe they should have to sacrifice a significant portion of their salary to achieve it, according to recent research

  • Businesses overlook cultural due diligence by

    NINETY PER CENT of businesses do not consider the cultural impact of a company merger or acquisition, with most sealing the deal based solely on financial analysis, according to global business coaching firm, Shirlaws

  • Investment management talent crisis looms by

    INVESTMENT MANAGERS continue to experience outstanding growth and remain very optimistic for the future, however, a lack of quality people looms as the most pressing threat to future profitability, according to a recent report

  • CEOs key to talent management by

    TALENT MANAGEMENT should be as rigorous as any other business planning process, and it should be recognised as being as valuable to an organisation’s success as any other process, according to Robert Care, CEO of Arup Australasia

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