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  • Many ill-prepared for retirement by

    MATURE AGE workers must plan effectively for their retirement, as a recent Citibank study found that two-thirds of workers aged over 55 felt they were no longer capable of working past the age of 69, while a further 20 per cent considered 60–64 years of age to be too old to keep working

  • Corporate reward programs out of date by

    REWARD AND performance management programs are not keeping pace with the demands facing businesses today, a global study has found

  • Backlog on fairness test by

    THE WORKPLACE Authority has checked only one in 10 Australian Workplace Agreements since the introduction of the Federal Government’s fairness test in early-May this year

  • Talent acquisition’s edge by

    INDUSTRY-LEADING companies are nearly twice as likely to focus their talent acquisition efforts on long-term workforce planning, according to a recent US report

  • People data needs more rigour by

    MOST EMPLOYERS are failing to communicate their people-related data effectively and in ways that are relevant and accessible to business decision-makers to help them run the business, according to a recent report from the UK

  • HR awards finalists announced by

    THE FINALISTS for the Australian HR Awards 2007 were recently announced in the lead up to the gala awards in Melbourne on 21 September

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