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  • Staff turnover to top $100 billion by

    STAFF TURNOVER is expected to cost Australian businesses more than $100 billion over the coming 12 months, information services company Unisys has predicted

  • How learning really happens by

    TRADITIONAL NOTIONS of learning suggest that the best way to add value in learning is by defining outcomes and then carefully designing content and processes in order to get there

  • Talent gaps stump companies by

    NEARLY FOUR out of five companies now report a big gap in their talent pipeline, and 40 per cent of the companies believe this to be an acute problem, a recent study has found

  • Leadership drain looms by

    THE LEADERSHIP drain is the next stage in the war for talent as organisations find it increasingly difficult to find talented leaders

  • Australians want to be headhunted by

    SEVENTY-SIX PER CENT of Australians would like to be headhunted for a better job

  • Workers stressing over staying by

    MANY EMPLOYERS do not fully understand why workers join or leave an organisation, an obstacle that greatly increases the challenge of finding and keeping good employees

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