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  • Australian HR Awards 2007 winners recognised by

    ST.GEORGE BANK took out four awards at the recent Australian HR Awards 2007, including the much sought after Davidson Trahaire Corpsych Award for Employer of Choice (more than 1,000 employees)

  • Poor communication’s high cost by

    MANY CEOs and managers who have taken a reactive ‘wait and see’ approach to WorkChoices are fostering a culture of management non-accountability and contributing to decreased morale and productivity, according to the Institute of Public Affairs

  • Many ill-prepared for retirement by

    MATURE AGE workers must plan effectively for their retirement, as a recent Citibank study found that two-thirds of workers aged over 55 felt they were no longer capable of working past the age of 69, while a further 20 per cent considered 60–64 years of age to be too old to keep working

  • Corporate reward programs out of date by

    REWARD AND performance management programs are not keeping pace with the demands facing businesses today, a global study has found

  • Backlog on fairness test by

    THE WORKPLACE Authority has checked only one in 10 Australian Workplace Agreements since the introduction of the Federal Government’s fairness test in early-May this year

  • Talent acquisition’s edge by

    INDUSTRY-LEADING companies are nearly twice as likely to focus their talent acquisition efforts on long-term workforce planning, according to a recent US report

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