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  • Cutting down on employee turnover by

    NEARLY 90 per cent of employee turnover is avoidable, however, different retention strategies are required for women, baby boomers, generation X and generation Y, a recent study has found

  • Leadership key for top companies by

    THE WORLD’S top companies for leaders demonstrate a strong investment in building a leadership brand that sets them apart, according to Dave Ulrich, partner and founder of The RBL Group, and a professor of business at the Ross School of Business

  • Long-term talent view needed by

    IN AN ever-shrinking labour market, Australian employers are risking potential future growth if they don’t become smarter in how they spend their reward dollars, recent research has found

  • Crunching HR’s numbers is critical by

    IN THE face of a global credit crunch, the need for rigorous human capital analysis is becoming more evident as HR is increasingly placed at the forefront of a company’s financial value, research has found

  • Uncovering trigger points in difficult employees by

    THERE ARE six key issues that can trigger off problems in difficult employees, according to an expert in employee behaviour

  • HR the ultimate recruiters by

    HR SHOULD use the current war for talent to become dedicated recruiters as opposed to over-complicated theory and policy guardians, a recruitment expert has said

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