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  • Future challenges outlined by

    Organisations must approach the issues of change, collaboration, customers and talent management with a greater speed and sense of urgency over the next five years if they are to successfully respond to the rapid speed of globalisation and advances in technology, according to Edwin Boswell, global CEO of Forum Corporation

  • No hurry for Labor’s IR changes by

    DESPITE MUCH media hype, there will be no immediate and significant changes to industrial relations under the new Labor Government, according to a number of legal experts

  • Australian companies miss talent management boat by

    AUSTRALIAN BUSINESSES are failing to fully utilise talent management techniques and subsequently may fail to retain staff, allowing existing talent to be snapped up by other companies or for overseas positions.

  • Recruiters key to ageing workforce by

    AN AGEING population will cause the overall participation rate of workers to drop by about 9 per cent over the next forty years unless efforts are made to address the issue, according to chief economist of BT Financial Group, Chris Caton

  • Salary demands set to rise in 2008 by

    The gap between pay increases and inflation is expected to remain fairly tight over the coming 12 months, which will place increasing pressure on organisations to think about labour sourcing decisions, according to a recent Mercer study

  • Bye Bye baby boomers by

    Many businesses are not prepared for the loss of experienced workers that will occur over the next decade, as more than 1 million baby boomers retire. Sarah O’ Carroll recently attended a forum where a number of experts discussed this issue and the importance of wisdom in the workforce

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