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  • HR professionals: know thy business by

    IF HR professionals want to be involved in the strategic planning of a business, they have to know the entire business, according to Anne Sherry, CEO of cruise company Carnival Australia

  • Executive pay hurdles for HR by

    CHALLENGES LIE ahead for HR departments in devising executive remuneration packages in collaboration with boards which will strike a balance between performance and rewards and satisfy both shareholders and executives, according to an executive remuneration expert

  • Succession planning still in its infancy by

    WHILE COMPANIES are realising that succession planning is no longer simply a rescue plan to manage the exit of CEOs from an organisation, recent research has found that succession planning is too often unstructured, under-resourced and clouded in mystery

  • Billions wasted through working time by

    DESPITE RECORD levels of employment, Australians wasted an average of 19 per cent (45 days) of working time in 2007, according to a global report

  • Preparing for work in 2015 by

    MANY COMPANIES are going to have to change their organisational structure and manage their approaches to reward as well as leadership and talent differently if they are to succeed in the future, a new report has found

  • Australians spend serious time online at work by

    TWO HOURS a day is what Australian office workers are spending online at work. A survey of 158 employees and 159 IT managers at organisations with 50 or more staff revealed that anywhere from one-third to half that time is dedicated to personal internet

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