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  • Companies warned over pay promises by

    AS COMPANIES seek to preserve profitability in the face of a global economic slowdown, employers have been cautioned to check their employee contracts as well as their undertakings made at the time of recruitment, before taking action to cut salary costs

  • HR key to incentive marketing by

    HR IS playing an increasingly important role in incentive marketing, as organisations seek more effective ways of motivating employees and lifting productivity

  • Maternity leave access is falling by

    THERE HAS been a drop in the number of women with access to paid maternity leave in the last year, according to recent Australian Bureau of Statistics figures

  • US companies focused on talent despite economic uncertainty by

    MOST US companies believe they are reasonably well prepared to adapt to the challenges of the current economic environment, with only a few planning unilateral, across-the-board cuts

  • HR issues a key risk for business by

    WHILE BRAND AND image are the key risk concerns for corporate Australia, HR issues such as attraction and retention of staff, succession planning, workplace safety, absenteeism and industrial disputes are high on the list

  • Managing talent comes to executive fore by

    Managing talent is the most critical HR challenge worldwide and will remain at or near the top of executive agendas in every region and industry for the foreseeable future, according to a recent global study from The Boston Consulting Group

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