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  • Drawing a line with performance by

    A RECENT study has found that 40 per cent of managers do not talk about the performance of their employees during discussions with them

  • ‘Love contracts’ on rise by

    EMPLOYEES WHO date one another may soon have to sign a so-called “love contract” as a trend of office pre-nups increases in the US

  • Mega-merger targets duplication by

    WESTPAC and St.George have agreed on merger terms, paving the way for the combined group to become Australia's biggest bank. However, while neither bank has reported any expected job losses, both organisations will look to reduce duplication of services as a result of their merge.

  • The ‘Crackberry’ culture by

    Whether you love them or you hate them, BlackBerrys have successfully infiltrated corporate life, increasingly blurring the line between work and personal life

  • Corporate education programs need more planning by

    ORGANISATIONS ARE increasingly seeking ways to measure return on investment from their education and training expenditure, however, recent research has found that about only 60 per cent of organisations actually link their corporate education programs to specific corporate goals

  • Employers welcome budget by

    RECRUITERS AND employers have welcomed the Government’s move to address the skills shortage and improve workforce participation with their recent 2008 Federal budget announcement.Web Abstract Long compulsory

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