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  • Private equity finds favour in Australia by

    AUSTRALIAN BUSINESSES think private equity is a force for good because it results in more focused organisations and performance-oriented remuneration, however, some Australian executives are concerned about leverage ratios in private equity buyouts and the impact this may have on cost-cutting and redundancies

  • Talent management is broken by

    MORE THAN half of senior leaders anticipate their companies’ performance will soon suffer because they don’t have the right talent in place, and while talent management is a significant priority for organisations, their efforts aren’t meeting the needs of the business

  • Work and life rolled into one by

    SEVENTY PER CENT of workers said they would continue to work in some capacity even if they won the lottery which reinforces the high value employees place on job satisfaction rather than remuneration

  • How to lead clever people by

    CLEVER PEOPLE in organisations need a special type of leadership, according to Professor Rob Goffee, an expert in organisational behaviour from London Business School

  • Corporate performance linked to employee enablement by

    COMPANIES SEEKING to improve their performance should focus more attention on their employees, giving them the tools, resources and autonomy they need to do their jobs well

  • ‘Flexibility void’ under IR laws by

    A GAP BETWEEN the abolition of Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs) and the introduction of new award flexibility clauses will cut out flexible employment options for individuals for months or even years, the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA) has warned

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