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  • Corporate performance linked to employee enablement by

    COMPANIES SEEKING to improve their performance should focus more attention on their employees, giving them the tools, resources and autonomy they need to do their jobs well

  • ‘Flexibility void’ under IR laws by

    A GAP BETWEEN the abolition of Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs) and the introduction of new award flexibility clauses will cut out flexible employment options for individuals for months or even years, the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA) has warned

  • Pay key to IT skills shortage by

    BUSINESS LEADERS are looking for IT to help drive business growth in 2008, resulting in increased pressure for HR to assist CIOs and IT organisations in attracting, developing, and retaining a high-calibre IT workforce

  • Prepare for workplace relations changes now by

    NOW IS the time to start preparing for the changes Labor’s Workplace Relations Agenda will bring, a national law firm recently advised

  • Online job adverts discriminatory by

    ONE-HUNDRED-AND-EIGHTY-EIGHT online job advertisements requested “young” candidates to apply, as opposed to just one ad which encouraged “mature-aged” candidates to apply, according to a recent study of online job ads

  • The demise of the lone ranger CEO by

    THE DEMANDS of the top job in organisations are becoming too complex for any one person, and the ‘lone ranger’ CEO is being replaced by recognition for the emerging importance and focus on the senior leadership team

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