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  • Meaningful work: why we want more of it by

    WHILE PHILOSOPHERS have long wondered at the value of work beyond providing a living, the notion of “meaningful work” is a relatively new phenomenon that would have made little sense to our forebears of a couple of centuries ago

  • Talent wars set to intensify by

    IF FINDING the right employees isn’t challenging enough, companies in the developed world are about to face a new challenge – recruiters from emerging markets

  • Staff churn continues despite pay hikes by

    AUSTRALIA’S LARGE companies are under increased pressure from growing wage costs, with annual salaries rising by 4.7 per cent in the 2007/2008 year, up from 4.6 per cent in the previous year and 4.0 per cent in 2003/2004, a national salary survey has found

  • Return of the expats by

    EXECUTIVE EXPATS in New York and London are returning home earlier than expected in the face of global financial market instability.

  • Making the virtual office work by

    IN 2008, 41.4 million corporate employees globally will spend at least one day a week teleworking, but there is still resistance to this trend from those preferring face-to-face interaction, according to researcher Gartner

  • ‘Fighting fires’ costing thousands by

    IT COSTS a company $7000 to $10,000 extra to hire an employee if no sufficient recruitment plan is in place.

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