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  • Quick thinking tricks by

    PRODUCTIVITY, SKILL building, creativity and the energy within a company can be greatly improved if companies inject some ‘speed thinking’ into their processes

  • Future of HR still not certain by

    THE FUTURE of the HR function still remains a matter of speculation for most companies worldwide, and as shared services take up more transactional HR work, the future of the function will rely increasingly upon its ability to establish a high level of strategic business presence.

  • Australian companies take egalitarian approach to pay by

    AUSTRALIAN ORGANISATIONS are arguably among the most egalitarian in the world, having one of the smallest pay gaps between low and high paid workers

  • No change made to 457 restrictions by

    The decision by the Federal Government to keep the rules restricting recruitment firms from sponsoring labour hire workers on 457 visas is unsubstantiated and serves only to exacerbate the current skills shortage, says the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association (RCSA)

  • Companies warned over pay promises by

    AS COMPANIES seek to preserve profitability in the face of a global economic slowdown, employers have been cautioned to check their employee contracts as well as their undertakings made at the time of recruitment, before taking action to cut salary costs

  • HR key to incentive marketing by

    HR IS playing an increasingly important role in incentive marketing, as organisations seek more effective ways of motivating employees and lifting productivity

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