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  • Most organisational change projects fail by

    NEARLY 60 per cent of projects aimed at achieving business change fail to meet their objectives fully, with the major obstacles to successful change being rooted in people and corporate culture, a global study has found

  • Employees addicted to social networking sites by

    MORE THAN half of employees (55 per cent in the U.S. and 52 per cent in the U.K.) are using internet social networks at work.

  • Knowledge transfer critical by

    MOST COMPANIES do not have a plan to manage and transfer knowledge and even fewer factor cross-generational challenges into business strategy, a recent US report has found

  • Engagement has run its course by

    ENGAGEMENT OF staff should not be a dominant HR strategy because it is too employer-centric, according to Roger Collins, Professor Emeritus, UNSW.

  • UK: HR faces burnout by

    THE ECONOMIC crisis threatens to overload already stretched HR departments in the UK if they don’t train line managers to ease the burden, an expert has warned

  • Managers miss talent boat by

    COMPANIES NEED to urgently focus on talent retention as a means of retaining competitive advantage and success in an economic downturn, however, most organisations still struggle when it comes to understanding and managing their talented performers

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