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  • HR at boiling point in Asia by

    GROWTH IN Asia has made human capital challenges in the region increasingly acute and has intensified the competition for talent, according to a recent study

  • Are experienced employees falling behind? by

    EMPLOYERS SAY workplace skills are more important now for experienced workers than for new entrants to the workforce.

  • Train, cross train and retrain by

    A BREAKDOWN in the education-to-employment supply chain must be addressed by managing education and conducting workforce planning, says Matthew Tukaki, director and head of Government policy organisation SansGov.

  • Money lost on L&D overload by

    THE LARGE majority of learning and development programs are ineffective because they cram too much information in for the brain to physically handle, according to a leadership development expert

  • No time for complacency by

    THREE OUT of five private practice lawyers list remuneration as the main reason for leaving their firm despite salary bands remaining constant in 2007-2008.

  • Procurement struggles for talent by

    ATTRACTING THE right talent and pricing pressures will impact on organisations’ procurement functions the most over the coming two years, a global study has found

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