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  • Money talks to HR professionals by

    SALARY IS the number one issue that would attract HR professionals to another employer, according to recent research conducted by Human Resources magazine

  • Productivity goes up in smoke by

    THE ESTIMATED cost to employ a smoker is $5000 a year more than a non-smoker as a result of reduced productivity and increased absenteeism. Companies often overlook this fact because it is not a tangible cost that is visible on the bottom line, according to a quit-smoking expert.

  • Salaries still on the rise by

    DESPITE A slowing economy, employers have not yet hit the panic button, with a recent report finding that national salary movements have increased to 5 per cent over the past 12 months, and are expected to continue rising at this pace over the coming year.

  • College graduates less confident by

    U.S. COLLEGE graduates are less confident than last year’s that they will be able to find the jobs they want.

  • Advancing Baby Boomer careers by

    BABY BOOMERS are leaving jobs because employers ignore their desire for career advancement and make assumptions about what older workers want, recent research has found

  • Blurring the offshoring line by

    A LOOPHOLE, that allowed foreign workers to be paid as little as $4.20 an hour is “totally unacceptable,” according to the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Evans.

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