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  • Procurement struggles for talent by

    ATTRACTING THE right talent and pricing pressures will impact on organisations’ procurement functions the most over the coming two years, a global study has found

  • Caution urged on recession talk by

    AUSTRALIAN COMPANIES should be careful not to respond to the current economic climate by pursuing savage costcutting and downsizing, according to Kevin Panozza, former CEO of SalesForce, which has won three national best employer awards

  • Australia’s saddest states by

    ALMOST ONE third of Australian employees admit to suffering seasonal depression, or seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

  • HR positions fail to engage by

    MANY HR hiring managers are currently using recruitment practices that fail to engage job seeking HR professionals, a recent report has found

  • Green paper avoids green skills by

    IF BUSINESS is to adapt to changes under the proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, there needs to be a closer alignment between government and industry to address the skills needed, a global HR services company has claimed

  • CSR key to retention by

    COMPANIES NEED to have better corporate social responsibility programs in place if they want to attract and engage quality staff, a global report has found

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