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  • Preparing for volatile markets by

    A BUSINESS-as-usual approach to new financial year planning won’t guarantee smooth sailing in the next financial year, according to Graeme Matthews, national managing partner of KPMG’s middle market advisory practice

  • Pay rise may feed inflation by

    A RECENT move to increase the minimum wage by $22 a week is predicted to increase pressure on both business and inflation.

  • Job boards fundamentally flawed by

    THE JOB boards of today are fundamentally flawed, and will be superseded by a new generation of career sites based on sophisticated databases that are better able to ideally match up candidates and companies, according to CareerBuilder and Jobfox founder Rob McGovern

  • Leaders urged to keep nerve in face of economic turmoil by

    TODAY’S TURBULENT times have the potential to be a severe test of leadership skills for many organisations, but adopting a siege mentality is unlikely to deliver future success, according to a recent UK report

  • HR struggles with social networking by

    THE POTENTIAL of social networking websites for business remains largely untapped, however, they will become increasingly important to the competiveness of large enterprises in the future, with a number of significant implications for HR

  • Switching on to HR systems by

    TALENT MANAGEMENT and workforce issues trump technology systems enhancements or upgrades as the top priority of HR executives, a global study has found

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