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  • Workforce planning to reduce staffing pains by

    TOP COMPANIES who have embraced workforce planning to reduce staffing pains have seen improvements in retention, employee performance and skills availability.

  • Employees: tools or individuals? by

    DESPITE MANY companies citing health, wellbeing and work/life balance as part of their company policy, when companies focus on short term pursuit of profits, this policy of work is often let slide, thus jeopardising long term sustainability.

  • IT may be HR’s saviour by

    IT AND HR are becoming more closely aligned as employers realise that being up to date with technology is imperative to meet the demands of younger employees.

  • L&D essential in economic crises by

    INVESTMENTS IN business-focused learning pay off better than most structural and process changes that organisations have attempted in recent years in order to improve performance

  • Financial turmoil impacts retirement by

    RECENT FINANCIAL market turmoil has left employees uncertain about whether they can afford to retire and, while they are looking to their employers for advice and assistance, many employers are failing to deliver, recent research has found

  • Poor people skills cost M&A millions by

    Millions of dollars are lost every year in M&A deal value due to a lack of understanding of the people element involved in a merger.

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