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  • Employee advocacy role in doubt by

    DEBATE OVER over whether or not HR should take the role of employee advocate still exists among CEOs.

  • Finance hit by outplacements by

    THERE HAS been a jump in the demand for outplacement services, as companies are seeking increasingly to cut costs in the face of a worsening economic downturn

  • HR passed over on risk by

    GLOBAL EXECUTIVES are not monitoring areas of HR risk with the same scrutiny as other traditional risk issues, leaving them open to severe financial and reputational consequences, a global report has found

  • Executive pay under scrutiny by

    THE CURRENT economic climate presents an opportunity for boards to reposition performance-based executive remuneration around a more strategic scorecard of metrics, according to Deloitte

  • Workforce planning to reduce staffing pains by

    TOP COMPANIES who have embraced workforce planning to reduce staffing pains have seen improvements in retention, employee performance and skills availability.

  • Employees: tools or individuals? by

    DESPITE MANY companies citing health, wellbeing and work/life balance as part of their company policy, when companies focus on short term pursuit of profits, this policy of work is often let slide, thus jeopardising long term sustainability.

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