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  • Employers squander workers’ talents by

    Too many employers are poorly equipped to weather the recession because they use workers’ skills and talents poorly, tie them up in rules and procedures and give them little say over how they do their work, according to The Work Foundation

  • Outside CEO edge more expensive by

    A CEO who is hired externally gets paid on average 20 per cent more than the previous incumbent, while CEOs hired from within the company get paid less than their predecessor.

  • Forward without fuss by

    Sarah O’Carroll looks at steps HR can take to make the transition from WorkChoices to the Fair Work Bill as painless as possible

  • Minimum wage debate back on the agenda by

    Unions are seeking a $21-a-week pay rise for workers on minimum wage.

  • Business cautious over executive remuneration regulation by

    Employer groups have warned against making decisions about regulation of executive remuneration in a hotbed atmosphere of community sentiment against the corporate excesses in the US, that gave rise to the global economic crisis

  • Finding opportunity in the downturn by

    While some employers are reducing costs by cutting staff numbers in the downturn and ridding themselves of poor performers, the current economic climate could instead be manipulated to create employment opportunities in areas such as supply-chain or procurement to drive costs out of a business, according to Scott Craig, director of Enigma International Resourcing

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