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  • Managing ‘survivor syndrome’ by

    As the downturn is forcing more firms to reduce personnel, global companies need to have plans in place to manage “survivor syndrome” in order to prepare for the eventual upturn, according to a report from The Conference Board.

  • The talent beneath by

    Building a talent database of employees can help not only engage staff but assist companies which are going through restructuring and redeployment, according to HR experts.

  • Endless lessons in 74 years of bargaining by

    THREE AUSTRALIAN lawyers have returned from the US equipped with a number of lessons, and warnings, for Australian organisations as they face the impending introduction of new collective bargaining laws.

  • The war for talent is over by

    The war for talent is over according to a controversial new international report from a UK based think tank.

  • Consultation critical for OHS reforms by

    Consultation with and engagement of employers throughout the OHS reforms is critical to ensuring they meet their safety objectives, according to an Australian expert

  • “Double whammy” to strike when recession ends by

    Companies should carefully consider the face that people will soon again be a scare resource before hastily cutting their work force, a European HR study has warned.

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