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  • “Double whammy” to strike when recession ends by

    Companies should carefully consider the face that people will soon again be a scare resource before hastily cutting their work force, a European HR study has warned.

  • Have your say: What is the costliest mistake HR can make in a downturn? by HCA

    Human Capital is keen to hear your thoughts for an upcoming article on HR's costliest mistakes in a downturn. It could be poor communication; failing to step up to the plate; neglecting L&D or retention. Has there ever been a situation where you've thought: 'I wish that was handled differently?' If so, we'd like to hear from you.

  • Don't get caught out: Fair Work Act 2009 by HCA

    The first phase of the Rudd Government's Fair Work Act 2009 will take effect on 1 July 2009, replacing the old Work Choices legislation.

  • 'Pause' button hit for deep staff and pay cuts by HCA

    Australian and New Zealand companies are containing employment costs but have hit pause on making deep workforce or pay cuts for the rest of 2009 - instead, they're looking to 'trade-up' their workforce in these tough economic times, according to Mercer's latest Leading Through Unprecedented Times global survey.

  • Human Capital magazine retraction by HCA

    Human Capital Magazine would like to make a formal apology to culture and leadership consultancy, Human Synergistics International, for a significant error made in the cover story 'Aftermath: The cultural toll of redundancies' which featured in issue 7.5 (June/July) of the magazine.

  • Avoiding recession blues is all about attitude by HCA

    When you heard last week's news that Australia had defied international trends and avoided recession in the March quarter, what was your reaction? Productive Thinking expert, Ken Wall, noted that an individual's reaction to big news such as this can greatly affect productivity levels.

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