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  • Employer confidence hits record low by

    Many employers are nervous about making long-term strategic decisions in relation to hiring and talent management as a result of uncertainty around the global financial crisis, according to Mark Steyn, CEO of Hudson Australia/New Zealand

  • Don’t get spooked by the downturn by

    Companies should not let worsening unemployment figures spook them into making hasty decisions about the retention and development of employees, according to Susan Heron, the CEO of the Australian Institute of Management in Melbourne

  • HR with an attitude by

    HR PROFESSIONALS must become “credible activists” mastering competencies dealing with both people and business issues in order to become successful practitioners.

  • Employers seek changes to IR Bill by

    EMPLOYER GROUPS have expressed concern at the prospect of additional workplace regulation and labour costs at a time of global economic crisis, a forecast rise in unemployment and a downturn in domestic business activity

  • Making the most of talent by

    WHILE MANY companies acknowledge that people are their greatest asset, they still have a way to go when it comes to managing talent and embedding relevant processes into the running of their businesses, says an international talent management expert

  • Too much regulation stifles talent by

    AS THE financial industry braces itself for yet more regulation following credit-crunch government bailouts, organisations should not overlook the serious negative impact of over-regulation and over-control, according to an international management expert

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