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  • Best and worst business practices to adopt in a recession by

    Businesses that are handling the economic crisis well tend to take a longer-term approach to thinking, communicate well with their staff and genuinely try and find win/win solutions for both the business and employees

  • Business: why kill employee share schemes? by

    The Government’s stated objective of boosting the availability and take up of employee share schemes by low and middle income earners could come to a halt because the announced changes to Australia’s employee share scheme rules in the Federal Budget will have the opposite effect, according to KPMG

  • Privacy focus necessary with technology by

    The increase in technology which allows information to be accessed easily means businesses need to start concentrating on ensuring employees’ privacy is maintained, especially in the wake of proposed reforms, said Emma Weedon, senior associate at McCullough Robertson

  • Swine flu gives rise to concerns over legal rights and obligations by

    The increased focus on health risks due to the recent global outbreak of swine flu has heightened the need for employers to better manage their workplace health practices, paying particular attention to their legal rights and obligations to care for their employees, according to Harmers Workplace Lawyers

  • Post-Budget analysis: Employment market the big winner by HCA

    Leading recruiters have given a tentative thumbs-up to the Federal Government's budget announcement last week, especially initiatives to combat unemployment and shelter working Australians from the effects of the global downturn.

  • Australian employers advised to 'declare war' on recession by HCA

    With unemployment levels predicted to rise to alarming levels by 2010-2011, Australian business leaders are advised to build a 'combat ready' workforce to survive.

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