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  • Swine flu may catch employers on the trot by HCA

    A swine flu pandemic could have serious OHS and business continuity implications for businesses, and those that are unprepared will be hardest hit, Zoe Lyon writes

  • Put HR metrics in place now by

    The economic downturn has created a window of opportunity for organisations to put in place relevant HR metrics, according to a recent report from the Bernard Hodes Group

  • HR to play a role in organisational health by

    CEOs increasingly expect HR leaders to play a major role in improving organisational health through factors such as sustainability, culture and values, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

  • Smart HR leaders must protect strategic initiatives by

    Despite budget cuts brought on as a result of the recession, smart HR leaders will find ways to protect high profile strategic initiatives so that the HR function can still improve organisational capability

  • HR must be prepared to push back on redundancies by

    HR leaders must be prepared to push back against redundancies if the emphasis on financial outcomes goes against future organisational readiness, according to John Boudreau, professor of management at the Marshall School of Business

  • Employers’ IP in danger as job losses mount by

    Employees made redundant due to the global economic downturn may be walking out the door with more than ill-feelings, according to a leading intellectual property (IP) lawyer

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